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⁣ABENICS: Active Ball Joint Mechanism With Three-DoF Based on Spherical Gear Meshing.
The gear-based joint drives three rotational degrees of freedom (RDoF) without slippage. The capabilities were inspired by the unique interactions between two different innovative gears [the cross spherical gear (CS-gear) and monopole gear (MP-gear)] and the superimposition of those interactions by the CS-gear’s quadrature spherical tooth structure. One MP-gear constrains two of the three RDoF of the CS-gear.
The driving module which drives the MP-gear converts this “constraint” into a “drive” and drives the CS-gear with two RDoF. The CS-gear orthogonally superimposes the interactions caused by two MP-gears to achieve three RDoF driving forces.
Video credits: K. Abe, K. Tadakuma, R. Tadakuma.

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Ukraina - spot RCS Corriere della Sera 1995

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⁣grandpa starting 2023 viral video

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